bifacial_radiance.load.loadTrackerDict(trackerdict, fileprefix=None)[source]#

Load a trackerdict by reading all files in the results directory. fileprefix is used to select only certain matching files in results

It will then save the Wm2Back, Wm2Front and backRatio by reading in all valid files in the results directory. Note: it will match any file ending in _key.csv

  • trackerdict – You need to pass in a valid trackerdict with correct keys from set1axis

  • fileprefix (str) – Optional parameter to specify the initial part of the savefile prior to ‘_key.csv’


  • trackerdict (Dictionary) – Dictionary with additional keys Wm2Back, Wm2Front, backRatio

  • totaldict (Dictionary) – totalized dictionary with Wm2Back, Wm2Front. Also numfiles (number of csv files loaded) and finalkey (last index file in directory)