class bifacial_radiance.MetObj(tmydata, metadata, label='right')[source]#

Meteorological data from EPW file.

Initialize the MetObj from tmy data already read in.

  • tmydata (DataFrame) – TMY3 output from readTMY or from readEPW.

  • metadata (Dictionary) – Metadata output from output from readTMY` or from readEPW.

  • label (str) – label : str ‘left’, ‘right’, or ‘center’. For data that is averaged, defines if the timestamp refers to the left edge, the right edge, or the center of the averaging interval, for purposes of calculating sunposition. For example, TMY3 data is right-labeled, so 11 AM data represents data from 10 to 11, and sun position should be calculated at 10:30 AM. Currently SAM and PVSyst use left-labeled interval data and NSRDB uses centered.

__init__(tmydata, metadata, label='right')[source]#


__init__(tmydata, metadata[, label])