bifacial_radiance.load.cleanResult(resultsDF, matchers=None)[source]#

Replace irradiance values with NaN’s when the scan intersects ground, sky, or anything in matchers.

Matchers are words in the dataframe like ‘sky’ or ‘tube’ in the front or back material description column that get substituted by NaN in Wm2Front and Wm2Back There are default matchers established in this routine but other matchers can be passed. Default matchers: ‘sky’, ‘tube’, ‘pole’, ‘ground’, ‘3267’, ‘1540’. Matchers 3267 and 1540 is to get rid of inner-sides of the module.


resultsDF (DataFrame) – DataFrame of results from bifacial_radiance, for example read from read1Result


resultsDF (DataFrame) – Updated resultsDF