ModuleObj.addTorquetube(diameter=0.1, tubetype='Round', material='Metal_Grey', axisofrotation=True, visible=True, recompile=True)[source]#

For adding torque tubes to the module simulation.

  • diameter (float Tube diameter in meters. For square, diameter means) – the length of one of the square-tube side. For Hex, diameter is the distance between two vertices (diameter of the circumscribing circle). Default 0.1

  • tubetype (str Options: 'Square', 'Round' (default), 'Hex' or 'Oct') – Tube cross section

  • material (str Options: 'Metal_Grey' or 'black'. Material for the) – torque tube.

  • (bool) (visible) – so center of rotation is at the center of the torquetube, with an offsetfromaxis equal to half the torquetube diameter + the zgap. If there is no torquetube (visible=False), offsetformaxis will equal the zgap.

  • (bool) – as if the torque tube were present (e.g. zgap, axisofrotation) but no geometry for the tube is made

  • recompile (Bool Rewrite .rad file and module.json file (default True)) –