ModuleObj.addOmega(omega_material='Metal_Grey', omega_thickness=0.004, inverted=False, x_omega1=None, x_omega3=None, y_omega=None, mod_overlap=None, recompile=True)[source]#

Add the racking structure element omega, which connects the frame to the torque tube.

  • omega_material (str The material the omega structure is made of.) – Default: ‘Metal_Grey’

  • x_omega1 (float The length of the module-adjacent arm of the) – omega parallel to the x-axis of the module

  • mod_overlap (float The length of the overlap between omega and) – module surface on the x-direction

  • y_omega (float Length of omega (Y-direction)) –

  • omega_thickness (float Omega thickness. Default 0.004) –

  • x_omega3 (float X-direction length of the torquetube adjacent) – arm of omega

  • inverted (Bool Modifies the way the Omega is set on the Torquetbue) – Looks like False: u vs True: n (default False) NOTE: The part that bridges the x-gap for a False regular orientation omega (inverted = False), is the x_omega3; and for inverted omegas (inverted=True) it is x_omega1.

  • recompile (Bool Rewrite .rad file and module.json file (default True)) –