RadianceObj.genCumSky(gencumsky_metfile=None, savefile=None)[source]#

Generate Skydome using gencumsky.


gencumulativesky.exe is required to be installed, which is not a standard radiance distribution. You can find the program in the bifacial_radiance distribution directory in Libsite-packagesifacial_radiancedata

Use readWeatherFile(filename, starttime='YYYY-mm-dd_HHMM', endtime='YYYY-mm-dd_HHMM')() to limit gencumsky simulations instead.

  • gencumsky_metfile (str) – Filename with path to temporary created meteorological file usually created in EPWs folder. This csv file has no headers, no index, and two space separated columns with values for GHI and DNI for each hour in the year, and MUST have 8760 entries long otherwise gencumulativesky.exe cries.

  • savefile (string) – If savefile is None, defaults to “cumulative”


skyname (str) – Filename of the .rad file containing cumulativesky info