RadianceObj.makeScene(module=None, sceneDict=None, radname=None, moduletype=None)[source]#

Create a SceneObj which contains details of the PV system configuration including tilt, row pitch, height, nMods per row, nRows in the system…

  • module (str or ModuleObj) – String name of module created with makeModule()

  • sceneDict (dictionary) – Dictionary with keys: tilt, clearance_height`*, `pitch, azimuth, nMods, nRows, hub_height`*, `height`* * height deprecated from sceneDict. For makeScene (fixed systems) if passed it is assumed it reffers to clearance_height. `clearance_height recommended for fixed_tracking systems. hub_height can also be passed as a possibility.

  • radname (str) – Gives a custom name to the scene file. Useful when parallelizing.

  • moduletype (DEPRECATED. use the module kwarg instead.) –


SceneObj – ‘scene’ with configuration details