class bifacial_radiance.SceneObj(module=None, name=None)[source]#

Scene information including PV module type, bifaciality, array info pv module orientation defaults: Azimuth = 180 (south) pv module origin: z = 0 bottom of frame. y = 0 lower edge of frame. x = 0 vertical centerline of module

scene includes module details (x,y,bifi, sceney (collector_width), scenex)

  • module (str or ModuleObj) – String name of module created with makeModule()

  • name (str) – Identifier of scene in case of multiple scenes. Default `Scene0’. Automatically increments if makeScene is run multiple times.

__init__(module=None, name=None)[source]#

initialize SceneObj


__init__([module, name])

initialize SceneObj

saveImage([filename, view])

Save an image of the scene to /images/.


Method to call objview on the scene included in self