class bifacial_radiance.AnalysisObj(octfile=None, name=None, hpc=False)[source]#

Analysis class for performing raytrace to obtain irradiance measurements at the array, as well plotting and reporting results.

__init__(octfile=None, name=None, hpc=False)[source]#

Initialize AnalysisObj by pointing to the octfile. Scan information is defined separately by passing scene details into AnalysisObj.moduleAnalysis()

  • octfile (string) – Filename and extension of .oct file

  • name

  • hpc (boolean, default False. Waits for octfile for a) – longer time if parallel processing.


__init__([octfile, name, hpc])

Initialize AnalysisObj by pointing to the octfile.

analysis(octfile, name, frontscan, backscan)

General analysis function, where linepts are passed in for calling the raytrace routine _irrPlot and saved into results with _saveResults.

analyzeRow(octfile, scene[, rowWanted, ...])

Function to Analyze every module in the row.

makeFalseColor(viewfile[, octfile, name])

Makes a false-color plot of octfile, viewfile

makeImage(viewfile[, octfile, name])

Makes a visible image (rendering) of octfile, viewfile

moduleAnalysis(scene[, modWanted, ...])

Handler function that decides how to handle different number of front and back sensors.