class bifacial_radiance.GroundObj(materialOrAlbedo=None, material_file=None, silent=False)[source]#

Class to set and return details for the ground surface materials and reflectance. If 1 albedo value is passed, it is used as default. If 3 albedo values are passed, they are assigned to each of the three wavelength placeholders (RGB),

If material type is known, it is used to get reflectance info. if material type isn’t known, material_info.list is returned

  • materialOrAlbedo (numeric or str) – If number between 0 and 1 is passed, albedo input is assumed and assigned. If string is passed with the name of the material desired. e.g. ‘litesoil’, properties are searched in material_file. Default Material names to choose from: litesoil, concrete, white_EPDM, beigeroof, beigeroof_lite, beigeroof_heavy, black, asphalt

  • material_file (str) – Filename of the material information. Default ground.rad

  • silent (bool) – suppress print statements. Default False

__init__(materialOrAlbedo=None, material_file=None, silent=False)[source]#


__init__([materialOrAlbedo, material_file, ...])


input: None or materialString.