RadianceObj.getSingleTimestampTrackerAngle(metdata, timeindex, gcr=None, azimuth=180, axis_tilt=0, limit_angle=45, backtrack=True)[source]#

Helper function to calculate a tracker’s angle for use with the fixed tilt routines of bifacial_radiance. It calculates tracker angle for sun position at the timeindex passed (no left or right time offset, label = ‘center’)

  • metdata (MetObj) – Meterological object to set up geometry. Usually set automatically by bifacial_radiance after running bifacial_radiance.readepw. Default = self.metdata

  • timeindex (int) – Index between 0 to 8760 indicating hour to simulate.

  • gcr (float) – Ground coverage ratio for calculation backtracking. Defualt [1.0/3.0]

  • azimuth (float or int) – Orientation axis of tracker torque tube. Default North-South (180 deg)

  • axis_tilt (float or int) – Default 0. Axis tilt – not implemented in sensors locations so it’s pointless at this release to change it.

  • limit_angle (float or int) – Limit angle (+/-) of the 1-axis tracker in degrees. Default 45

  • backtrack (boolean) – Whether backtracking is enabled (default = True)