Module providing routines for loading and cleaning results from bifacial_radiance. Bifacial_radiance results are .csv format files stored in a results folder autogenerated in the location where the RadianceObj was set to build its scene. If no path was provided for the RadianceObj to build its scene, it defaults to TEMP folder in bifacial_radiance bifacial_radiance


cleanResult(resultsDF[, matchers])

Replace irradiance values with NaN's when the scan intersects ground, sky, or anything in matchers.

deepcleanResult(resultsDict, sensorsy, numpanels)

Cleans results file read by read1Result.


Load the pickled radiance object for further use Usage (once you're in the correct local directory).

loadTrackerDict(trackerdict[, fileprefix])

Load a trackerdict by reading all files in the results directory.


Loads in a bifacial_radiance results file .csv format, and return a DataFrame


Function to read configurationinput file for a bifacial_radiance simulation.


Saves dictionaries from working memory into a Configuration File with extension format .ini.