RadianceObj.makeScene1axis(trackerdict=None, module=None, sceneDict=None, cumulativesky=None, moduletype=None)[source]#

Creates a SceneObj for each tracking angle which contains details of the PV system configuration including row pitch, hub_height, nMods per row, nRows in the system…

  • trackerdict – Output from GenCumSky1axis

  • module (str or ModuleObj) – Name or ModuleObj created with makeModule()

  • sceneDict – Dictionary with keys:tilt, hub_height, pitch, azimuth

  • cumulativesky (bool) – Defines if sky will be generated with cumulativesky or gendaylit.

  • moduletype (DEPRECATED. use the module kwarg instead.) –



Append the following keys

directory where .rad scene file is stored


SceneObj for each tracker theta


Calculated ground clearance based on hub height, tilt angle and overall collector width sceney